Welcome to SAMUN V 2018!

Dear SAMUN delegates and advisors, We are looking forward to hosting our fifth SAMUN this spring! The conference will take place on Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st, 2018. Our staff of high schoolers is hard at work on their committees, and we are all excited to bring them to life and challenge delegates to find solutions to the diverse array of issues that will come up.

Throughout the conference, our staffers will present students with dozens of crises that will force them to work with each other, think on their feet, and engage in debate with their peers. Delegates will learn how international cooperation can be extremely effective in solving problems, and how it can sometimes create issues just as pressing. We hope that this year’s conference will be nerve-wracking, exciting, educational, and most importantly, fun!

This year, we have decided that we will not give out awards at SAMUN. We feel that it is impossible to boil delegates’ performances in committee down to three or four “best” delegates. We are hoping to emphasize the collaborative process without the added pressure of awards. We hope that delegates will enjoy SAMUN without the burden of awards.

Best wishes,

The 2018 SAMUN Secretariat