2018 U.S. Senate Elections

It is two years after the tumultuous election of 2016, and liberals’ fears have been fully realized as President Trump and his Republican-controlled congress push through immigration reform that would deport an unprecedented 3 million undocumented immigrants. However, Democrats have been able to stall the ratification of the bill by Senate filibuster. However, with Senate seats in Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Florida and West Virginia only tenuously held by Democrats, the imminent 2018 Senate election presents an opportunity for Republicans to solidify their hegemony in the upper house. As Republicans are currently just 6 seats from the supermajority necessary to override the filibuster, the upcoming midterms are crucial to both parties.

In this partisan brawl of a Joint Crisis Committee, delegates will assume the roles of RNC and DNC staff and manage campaigns in key swing states. In this simulation, the national party committees will be charged with fundraising and budget allocation, debates on behalf of their candidates, responding to  unfriendly media attention, and other crisis management. The JCC will span from the summer of 2018 to election day.

Saint Ann's Model UN,
Feb 16, 2017, 8:30 AM