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Colombian Conflict

    In general, South America has been an unstable continent in the past fifty years, however, Colombia stands out. Since the early 1960’s the rebels, the main groups being FARC and the ELN, have been fighting the Colombian government and promoting communism. Recently in an attempt to become more politically involved the FARC formed the UP party. However since the beginning of the 1980’s the fighting has increased, especially with the introduction of a third party: the drug cartels, who are quickly becoming more powerful specifically the Medellin Cartel led by Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel founded by the Orejuela brothers. Delegates representing each of the involved parties, the government, the cartels, the paramilitaries, the rebels, and international powers, will try to solve the Colombian Conflict or try to advance their group as much as possible.

Saint Ann's Model UN,
Feb 15, 2017, 9:22 AM