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Crimean War

     In 1854, the Russian menace was as frightening as ever from the perspective of Continental Europe, and the Crimean War was the perfect opportunity for the allied powers of Europe, specifically France and England, to bring Russia down a peg. This committee will put the delegates in the allies’ shoes (England, France, Ottoman Empire, and Sardinia) as they devise their Foreign Policy on Russia. They will start out by forming alliances between each of the allied powers and figuring out exactly how they will approach the war. Then, as the war commences, they will evaluate actual strategy. Will they repeat the blunders seen in the Siege against Sevastopol? Will Florence Nightingale come to save the British once again? Will the Charge of the Light Brigade repeat itself as one of the most spectacular failures of 19th century warfare? All these questions, and more, as the delegates try their best to defeat the Russian menace and tamper down the Great Bear for the years to come.

Cannons to the left of you
Cannons to the right of you
Cannons in front of you 
Into the Valley of Death ride you. 

Yours not to make reply,
Yours not to reason why,
Yours but to join our committee.

  • Nicholas I
  • Alexander II
  • Nap. III
  • Palmerston
  • Sultan
  • Victoria
  • Franz Josef
  • Cavour
  • Raglan
  • Pelissier
  • Gorchakov
  • Nesselrode
  • Tolstoy
  • Nightingale
  • Russell