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ECCAS & ECOWAS Emergency Session 2015

Please click below for the ECCAS & ECOWAS Emergency Session 2015 Background Guide:

ECCAS & ECOWAS Background Guide

    In late 2013, the first case of Ebola virus disease was reported in Guinea, a country on the west coast of Arica. By April 2014, the disease had spread to  neighboring countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Over 5,000 people have already died due to the highly contagious virus with over 10,000 still infected.  The three countries are in dire straits as they desperately try to contain the virus. What’s worse is that their economies are also taking a beating. The World Bank has claimed that the outbreak could cost the world economy billions and has estimated that the economies of the infected countries could lose up to 12% of their gross domestic product (GDP), a hit that the developing African countries can not afford. While some countries and companies try to maintain confidence in the infected nations, others are essentially putting an economic embargo on the countries, restricting trade and air travel.

The date is July 1, 2015. In the light of this crisis, the nations of West and Central Africa have decided to meet in order to discuss how to keep their countries running and the regional economy afloat. ECCAS (The Economic Community of Central African States) and ECOWAS (The Economic Community Of West African States) are meeting in New York City to discuss economic and public health actions.

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