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Gulf War

Gulf War Background Guide + Portfolio Powers

        On August 2nd 1990 Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait. Soon after the UN placed sanctions on Iraq and formally denounced the invasion. The US assembled a coalition of nations prepared to take military force and fund the effort to remove Iraq from Kuwait. This committee will attempt to resolve the discord surrounding Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. It will take place in late November of 1991. The UN has just resolved to allow military application of force to remove Iraq from Kuwait. The committee will include the main countries involved in the coalition efforts: US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Oman, South Korea. The Soviet Union will participate, representing the somewhat middle ground. It will also include the belligerents and their allies: Iraq, Yasir Arafat, and North Korea. Certain key countries will have two or more representatives with competing interests. Representing the US will be George HW Bush, Colin Powell, and James Baker. Representing the Soviet Union will be Mikhail Gorbachev and Yevgeni Primakov, and representing the Iraqis will be Saddam Hussein and Tariq Aziz. In total that is 21 representatives. The Gulf War is taking place mainly in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and a little bit in Israel. The Persian Gulf is a very attractive area because of its oil wells and thus immense monetary value. The delegates will have to decide to what extent the value and nature of this region will play into their discussions.

The Gulf War is inextricably connected to the US current relationship with Iraq, it will be the delegates’ job to attempt to come up with not only the best strategies during the war, but the best strategies post war, and how each countries will pursue relations in the Middle Eastern, and Persian Gulf regions thereafter. Many of the countries are also at odds with each other for tangential reasons, and so the degree to which that plays into their dialogue will also be paramount.