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Hong Kong Protests - The Umbrella Revolution

Please click below for the Hong Kong Background Guide:

Hong Kong Background Guide

The Umbrella Revolution is the greatest thing to shake the power of The Peoples Republic of China since the 90s. This revolution could not be shut down by the government like so many have in Mainland China. Hong Kong, as a multicultural and ethnic world port of Asia, stands apart from the whole of China. With so much influence from the western world, and such power, Hong Kong is not to be subdued or put down by police or military force. Hong Kong is a gray zone, with two governments, a multitude of people, and a wealth of money. This committee will deal with Konkanese and Chinese government struggles for power and agreement. Protest groups for the freedom of government of the Hokense people, and those who want to assimilate with mainland China - police forces, journalists, and criminal syndicates. Will you be able to keep Hong Kong under peaceful control? Or will you fail to utilize your power to eliminate your opposition?