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IndoChina Summit 1961

Please click below for the IndoChina Summit 1961 Background Guide

IndoChina Summit 1961 Background Guide

This committee starts in 1961, but events will proceed quickly and will not necessarily adhere to real-life history. It opens with Asia in turmoil: the two Koreas are at each other’s throats; rebels threaten the governments of South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia; and the Cold War has the entire world on edge.

This committee is an emergency council, convened at the urging of world leaders, capitalist and Communist alike, in hopes of stopping the war before it starts. Things may well spiral out of control: the United States and its allies’ ideology of containment will instantly pit their forces against Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Kim Il-sung, and the like. Communists see the opportunity in Indochina to stake a claim to a strategically vital region and bring socialism to fruition.

            This committee is essentially a single meeting of regional and world power brokers, but will outlast its real-life counterparts, potentially well into the 1970s. Topics to discuss include the following: Will Vietnam and Korea be reunified? Will Communism sweep over Indochina and the world? Or will the great powers keep the balance of power and contain the rising threat?


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