Greco-Persian Wars

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Greco-Persian Wars Background Guide

The time period is 497 BCE and Darius I, King of Kings, has vowed revenge on Athens. The Persian Empire is at its highest and is devout to extend its empire into Greek territory. The Greeks are on the defensive and the Persians believe this will be an easy win.  In these committees, we will loosely follow history and will delve into the different issues facing the Greeks and Persians during these wars--such as the religious aspects, each Empire's core values and battle strategy while remaining aware of the state of the country economy-wise, health-wise etc. The Persian committee is filled with all of the major states in the Archaemenid Empire and will have to work together under Darius I. Likewise, the Greek committee is filled with their major states, including Athens and Sparta that--although they usually don't see eye to eye-- will have to work together to save Greece and not fall to the Persians.  

This Joint Crisis Committee (JCC)--up until 497 BCE--is not set in stone. We will stray away from history and what happens after 497 BCE is up to the Persian and Greek delegates.