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Octourian Crisis Council

Year: 2096

Planet: Octourn

Galaxy: Andromeda

            The planet is Octourn, the year is 2096, and Octourn is in turmoil! Animosity is brewing between Octourn and hostile neighboring planet, Malâctinium. The Malâctinia are threatening to annex Neodya (NEE-OH-DEE-A), one of Octourn’s eight moons. They have seized one of our bases on the planet, and have declared war on our sovereign nation. If we do not stop them, they will continue to conquer other moons until they reach our home planet of Octourn. The population of Neodya is in a state of crisis, however the citizens of Octourn are unaware of the impending war. This Octourninian council has been called to session in order to address the issues at hand. The fate of Octourn lies in your hands; will you rise to the occasion?