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Munich, 1938

                        Munich, 1938 Background Guide + Portfolio Powers

Our committee is a meeting of nations who share the common objective of preventing world war. The goal of this coalition is to stop the militarization of the world, restore trust, and mend international relations. This gathering takes place on September 29, 1938, shortly before the start of the second world war. However, events after the aforementioned date do not take place, as the committee will determine events after that date.

All delegates in this committee have control over a part of their country’s military operations.  Diplomatic/military powers will be granted to all delegates, but most treaties must be signed by the president, prime minister, or other main executive of their country. It is entirely possible (and very likely) that members of a delegation will disagree with each other, and if a member chooses to do so, they have the option to rebel.

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