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Northern Mali Conflict

Please click below for the Northern Mali Background Guide:

Northern Mali Background Guide

This committee will set the clock back to January 16th 2012, the start of the northern Mali conflict that will continue into our present. On January 16th, several insurgent groups began campaigning for independence against the Malian government for the Independence for northern Mali. This became known as the National movement for the Liberation of Azawad (Azawad being an independent homeland for the Tuareg people). On March 22nd 2012, President Amadou Toumani Toure was overthrown in a coup d'etat a month before the next presidential election was supposed to have taken place. The MNLA had taken control of the Azawad region by April 2012. Various conflicts arose amongst the different insurgent groups in terms of their vision for the independent state, both western and African countries have attempted to end the unrest or offer aid. This committee will deal with the various hurdles and obstacles plaguing Mali and other involved nations at this time and continuing into the present.