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Qatar 2022

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Qatar 2022 Background Guide

The upcoming World Cup in Qatar has cast a shadow over FIFA’s governing body. Recently, investigations exposed the widespread corruption among Qatari representatives, putting their World Cup bid in doubt. Despite significant evidence that has shown large amounts of money place into the hands of FIFA representatives, all denied all claims, and Qatar is set to host the event. This massive controversy has caused internal problems within FIFA, and has only increased worldwide pressure.  

Thousands of migrant workers have died in the construction of numerous venues across Qatar. The issue regarding worker rights has been prominent for the past couple years, with groups around the world are pushing to halt construction. Although FIFA has promised to take action, little change has been seen, and the problem has practically disappeared from the media. If this issue isn’t addressed, the World Cup will be played on the blood of others.

Along with the growing concerns over migrant workers, Qatar and its people have expressed their hostility towards homosexuals. This issue poses a great threat to the credibility of FIFA, as numerous organizations are threating to boycott the World Cup.

All of these issues pose a great threat to the integrity of FIFA and the World Cup. Organizations have begun to push for a boycott of the event, and the movement is bound to gain momentum. FIFA has found itself in a tight situation, where its decisions in the next couple of months will ultimately determine the outcome of the World Cup. Sepp Blatter, The President of FIFA, has gathered us all, in hope to find a solution. Prominent FIFA officials, members of the Qatari Elite, and human rights and labor organization leaders will all be in attendance. It is now in your hands to ultimately decide the future of the World Cup.