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Space Wars!

(According to Stephen Hawking the earth will end a thousand years from 2016) 2966 AD: If nothing is done the earth will soon explode. The lasting superpowers have formed a special global coalition of nations to save the  human species (a global coalition like this has not met since the falling of the United Nations in 2764.)  Your mission is to diplomatically confront the issues that will approach you, such as possible colonization of other planets, expanding your reach in the cosmos, earth rehabilitation, and the healing of the human race, which has gone through terror, poverty, and war for the last 500 years. Despite much poverty and agony throughout the years your country has been able to survive (just barely). Politics and corruption destroyed the world once, can you resist the temptation again? Time to start exploring!

Note: Despite being a science based committee the chairs and staff of Space Wars! Value diplomatic
communication, and debate more than purely scientific facts and hesitation rooted in cynicism towards the ability of humankind.

Saint Ann's Model UN,
Feb 15, 2017, 9:28 AM