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Trojan War

The Trojan War

    The greatest tale of antiquity, The Trojan War, returns to the world’s stage. Agamemnon of Mycenae, brother of Menelaus of Sparta, assembles a coalition of armies from the Greek cities to journey to Troy and reclaim the kidnapped Helen. As the fog of war descends upon the eastern Mediterranean, the Trojans have made their own alliances and prove to be a formidable force for the Achaeans. The gods have chosen their favorites among the two warring sides, and from among each side's various champions.

    Members of this committee will focus on uniting the ranks of the Greek cities against Troy, defeating the Trojan army and other combined Trojan forces (which will arrive at various times throughout the committee). They will work to placate the honors and egos of the various gods, while at the same time seeking to perform honorably in order to obtain fame and glory, and to reach the Elysian Fields of the afterlife. Delegates must be prepared to resolve the war (through whatever means necessary) and to interact with the gods, obtaining their favor when possible and resolving their anger when needed. Delegates must also be prepared to address the relationships of the various champions to the joint war effort.

    Most delegates will assume the roles of the kings of various aligned city-states and debate from the position of that ruler. Those who are not kings will have roles as priests, and one delegate will be given the role of the seer, a man gifted with prophecy.

    Will the tentative alliance between the kings of Greece endure or will it crumble? Will Helen return safely from Troy or will she be lost? Will the Trojans triumph over the combined might of the Achaeans? The fate of the ancient world rests in your hands.

Committee Organizers: Ethan Skelskie, Hudson Cooke, Matt Alexion, Julia Cassel, Sofiy Ink, and Caroline Moses