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World War I

World War I: The War to End All Wars

    It is the summer solstice, June 22nd, 1914, and Europe is at the precipice of war. The great European powers are grappling for dominance all around the world, from Africa to Asia. Armies are bigger and more destructive than ever. The people of Europe are readying themselves for war, rallying under the banners of Germany, France, Russia, and other nations.

    This committee is an impromptu meeting of world leaders seeking to smooth over tensions and avert disaster. You—the political and military leaders of the world—must work both within the committee and in secret to keep the peace, while at the same time promoting your colonial and economic interests throughout the world. Delegates will build empires, forge alliances, and, perhaps, mobilize armies. Expect the crises to build, forcing some countries’ hands and pushing Europe closer to full-fledged war.

    Delegates will have the chance to represent one of 20 countries, from Belgium to Bulgaria. You need not take the actions the real-life leaders of those nations took: you can betray your allies, or find new ones, as long as you do so in the best interests of your people. Delegates will, for better or for worse, be rewriting history.

    Possible topics for this committee include tackling colonialism and global trade in an ever more connected 20th century, rising nationalism and radical groups that threaten the uneasy peace, secret alliances and defensive pacts between countries, and the recent great advancement into modern warfare, from trenches to chemical weapons. Delegates should expect the unexpected, from assassination attempts to Communist revolts. Alliances could be exposed, secret weapons programs discovered, or trade blocked by naval blockades; be ready for it all!

    Delegates must thoroughly research their respective positions and realistically represent their policies and interests, keeping in mind their alliances and capabilities. It’ll be up to you to prevent a global catastrophe, or, if the worst case materializes, to make sure your country comes out on top.

Committee Organizers: Virginia Guido, Nate Chevan, Aidan Langston, Gideon McCarty, and Zack Kligler