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Awards Policy

Click here for a printable version of the awards policy: SAMUN Awards Policy

SAMUN is a crisis-only conference and is distinct as one of the only middle school Model UN conferences in the New York area. SAMUN is also an educational conference that seeks to guide delegates to better understand the relationship between countries, organizations, and historical figures. One of the overall goals of the conference is for delegates to develop crucial communication skills via public speaking and writing.

Delegate awards will be awarded to delegates who demonstrate the ability to fluently speak and persuasively convey their ideas through verbal and written correspondence and properly demonstrate the use of procedure. Individual delegate awards are based on the evaluation of the chairs and crisis staff. 

A) Accurate Representation: Delegates must be able to remain in character and represent their positions, not the delegate’s personal position. The chairs have carefully selected each position in the committee and are aware of the policy of each position.

B) Response to Crisis: Crisis will actively work throughout the committee, and the chairs will carefully observe how each delegate responds to these spontaneous events. Responding to crisis includes effectively using one’s given portfolio powers to solve the crisis, contacting other delegates and governments through accurate use of notes, sending notes to crisis, and forming ideas to be used on a directive.

C) Committee Leadership: Forming a bloc and steering the debate under your arm will be smiled
upon. A delegate must be the leader in their committee and allow the flow of committee to continue. However, sponsoring directives does not necessarily warrant an award. True leadership comes in the form of knowing which battles to fight and when to concede to build consensus.

D) Public Speaking/Writing: Delegates must demonstrate strong public speaking and writing. Delegates must speak in order to persuade and encourage cooperation among others in the committee. The number of speeches will not merit an award. A delegate who speaks and is able to steer the debate and lead a bloc towards a directive while maintaining diplomatic decorum will succeed in this category.

E) Procedural Manipulation: The delegates must manipulate the SAMUN rules of procedures to properly use points and motions and actively progress debate through committee.

F) Position Papers: Delegates must submit a position paper by the specified deadline in order to be eligible for an award.

This is by no means a complete list of criteria. However, they are pointers that any delegate wishing to win an award should keep in mind. Ultimately, awards are determined at the full discretion of the chair, the crisis director, and their staffers. They will include these criteria in making their final decisions.

Each committee will name one Best Delegate (gavel), one Outstanding Delegate, and one Honorable Mention. Individual chairs may also give verbal commendations at their own discretion.

The delegation with the greatest number of strong delegates will be presented with an award for Best Delegation.