2020 Elections


The 2016 election ended in shock on both sides of the political aisle. Democrats mourned their loss, and Republicans celebrated an unexpected victory. President Trump took office, and soon his popularity sank. Burdened by scandal, lack of direction, and falling poll numbers, the President came to the realization that an election victory would be impossible, and declined to run for reelection. Soon after, the 2020 campaign took off at full speed. Republicans feared they would never be able to untangle themselves from the scandals and unpopularity of the Trump administration, and Democrats were left uneasy, fearing another upset similar to that of 2016.

This Joint Crisis Committee, will have delegates serving as DNC and RNC staff respectively, some delegates may also serve as the candidates themselves. This committee will begin in the early primary days of 2019 and lead all the way to November 2020. One question is asked--Who will be the next president of the United States? Your hard work, and determination will lead to the answer.

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