South African Apartheid 1989


Following 27 years of incarceration, on February 11th Nelson Mandela was released from prison. That same day Mandela delivered a speech at Cape town, portions expressed in Xhosa one of the major languages spoken among black south africans. And with thousands witnessing, he opened the speech with the words “I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all”. Within the next year, alongside the African National Congress, apartheid halted to a stop, and a new era of racial tolerance began in South Africa. In this committee delegates will seek to devise a sustainable structure to bolster the nation during such a momentous shift in power. Additionally, delegates will need to collaborate together to solve some of the national issues, such as international negotiations, intragovernmental sabotage, and growing racial tensions. Each effort made must be both concise and in check with your assigned constituency and role.

Consider the need for diplomacy when acting among those whose policies don’t align with yours, because even though the world took a step forward, much of this populace remained still.

Background Guide