Climate Change 2021


Welcome to Climate Change Committee!

Travel into the near future with us; a future where climate change effects have already gotten worse. The world’s leading nations convene to discuss a solution for CO2 emissions, health crises, famine, and refugee crises. Delegates will represent these nations, and spend their time negotiating a universal green deal, while also trying to keep their country’s best interest in mind. The nations will be met with more and more humanitarian crises as time goes on and climate change gets worse. Tensions will rise as the nations vie to obtain limited food, clean water, and medecine.

In this committee, we will be discussing everything from education to disease, politics to the homeless crisis, war to peace. Hopefully together we’ll overcome obstacles and find an end to climate change.

Join us!

Please reach out and email us with any questions:

We are excited to see all of you soon!

Background Guide

Backgroud Guide - Climage Change 2020