Cold War 2.0


Our committee, Cold War 2.0, is a mashup between the past 70 years of US - Soviet/Russian relations set 10 years in the future. Our delegates will represent the United States, Russian, and Chinese governments as well as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and other wealthy CEOs, specifically those currently involved with space travel. We are setting our committee 10 years in the future so to not involve Trump but to use it as important historical basis regarding Russia and China. Crises will be loosely based around historical events like Chernobyl and the Space Race, but used in context with modern or futuristic issues like climate change, nuclear power, colonizing Mars, and capitalism vs. socialism. We are excited to transfer the idea of a Cold War to a cyber war. We are hoping to get creative with our crises (an alien invasion of Musks’ spaceship?) but also use current and historical events to frame and contextualize our committee.

Please reach out and email us with any questions:


Unaffiliated Billionaires:

      • Jeff Bezos
      • Elon Musk
      • Jack Ma
      • Sir Richard Branson
      • Mark Zuckerberg
      • Alexander Abramov


      • President Michael Bloomberg
      • Secretary of State Nikki Haley
      • Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan


      • President Xi Jin Ping
      • State Council: Li Keqiang
      • Kerry Lam


      • Vladimir Putin
      • Igor Sechin
      • Roman Abramovich


      • President Erdogan


      • Prime Minister Netanyahu


      • Ali Khmeni