Election 2024

Letter from the Dais

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to SAMUN VIII’s Constitutional Convention Committee! We have put together this background guide as a starting point for your research and hopefully a helpful reference source for the committee. We’ve been hard at work since the fall preparing to make this committee as exciting as possible, anticipating an action-packed, challenging, and most importantly, fun conference. We hope this committee will push your intelligence, develop your cooperation skills, and of course create new friendships.

A bit about us; our names are Daphne Schisgall and Becca Davis, and we will be serving as your co-chairs throughout the conference! We are both sophomores at Saint Ann’s school and have participated in various Model UN programs since sixth grade. We both attended a SAMUN conference in middle school and last year we were able to run our first committee.

SAMUN is composed solely of crisis committees and our committee is no exception. We are so lucky to have an amazing crisis staff, made up of Luca Zankel and Sam Hancock Saint Ann’s junior and sophomore respectively. They will work directly with all of you to make both their and your ideas become reality and we are so thankful for all the work they are already doing.

We would like to say one more time how excited we are to meet you all and moderate what we know will be thoughtful and lively debate! Model UN is one of the ways Daphne and I became friends and therefore we know how much it means to all of you to be able to do it in person. If you have any questions please email us at either rdavis.2025@saintannsny.org or dschisgall.2025@saintannsny.org.

Please note that all positions are timed as though in January 2024. Even if your position might shift jobs or rank in real life, your powers and job title are as of January 2024. 

Best Regards,

Becca Davis and Daphne Schisgall 

Historical Background

Following the 2016 federal elections, the United States political climate became increasingly polarized. Throughout the presidency of Donald Trump, long-established democratic practices were eroded by tyrannic policies and disloyalty towards what the United States stands for. 

In 2020, Former Vice-President Joe Biden was elected in a close race against incumbent President Trump. The tightness of the race along with Trump’s crippling ego prompted a movement titled Stop the Steal, in which Trump encouraged his supporters to prevent the physical electoral ballots from being counted. The result was an insurrection on January 6th, 2021 that left both Capitol police officers and rioters dead, an entire nation watching wide-eyed. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Donald Trump passed away from natural causes in April of 2023. Additionally, our 81-year-old president Joe Biden has decided that he may just be a little too old to continue his career in politics and will not run for a second term. While infuriated Trump supporters are striving to continue his legacy, claiming he was assassinated, the Democratic Party is fed up with old men in office. The 2024 election is sure to be the most crucial one since 1800.

Because Biden decided not to run as an incumbent, the Democratic playing field was left wide open. Many democratic politicians and celebrities alike threw their hat into the primary race, too many it turned out to be, as the result of the Democratic primaries were inconclusive. The Democratic ticket is now left to be decided by a brokered convention. The primary decisions no longer matter; any member of this committee can now run for presidential or vice presidential office (the ticket will be voted on separately).  

The same goes for the Republican party as their expected nominee has died (read above). If you’re a member of the GOP, you must decide whether to dive into the far right, stay “more central”, or actively work to reunite your party.

Throughout this committee our main goal will be to craft party forms for the next four years (the presidential term), with a secondary goal of selecting presidential and vice presidential candidates. You must work with your fellow delegates to craft a meaningful action plan on what you as a committee decide to be the most vital topics. Only then will we move forward to crafting our tickets.


                       Please read all positions, not just your own.