Hong Kong 2019

Hong Kong 2019

Set during a recent climax in Hong Kong’s tense history, this committee takes a deep dive into issues that affected Hong Kong’s citizens during the protests in 2019 and the extradition law that was the direct cause of the wave of discontent. The committee will also explore the impact of social media and its usage by various public figures throughout the tumultuous year. Delegates will be taking on the roles of political figures such as Carrie Lam or influential activists such as Agnes Chow. There may also be representatives assigned from countries that have a major stake in the city.

Chairs: Eleanor B. and Jia M.

Crisis: Esmé Q. and Maia-lu R.

Position List

The chairs request that you become familiar with the local pronunciation of each delegate's name relative to where they have spent the majority of their lives.

Joshua Wong

Agnes Chow

Nathan Law

Benny Tai

Carrie Lam

President Xi Jinping

Li Zhanshu

Stephen Lo

Liu Xioming (Added March 22nd)

Xie Feng (Added March 22nd)

President Donald Trump

Rep. Jim McGovern (Added March 22nd)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt (Added March 22nd)

President Tsai Ing-wen

Andrey Denisov (Added March 22nd)

Mark Zuckerberg (Added March 22nd)

Media Representatives

China Daily (Added March 22nd)

Hong Kong Free Press (Added March 22nd)

BBC (Added March 22nd)

Chair Contact Info