Lord of the Rings: The Fourth Age


In this committee you will need to respond to uprisings in the kingdoms of dwarves, summon armies to battle orcs, and establish trade routes with other kingdoms to further your kingdom agenda. Middle earth is more fragile than ever as the negative effects of the war of the ring still ravage even the most remote of kingdoms. The ring has been destroyed and Saruman and his Orc army have been defeated, yes. Although the great hardships that have plagued middle earth for ages have come to a halt, a series of smaller issues have arisen and must be addressed by this coalition as soon as can be arranged. Some of the issues to be addressed include: The relationship between dwarves and men, the situation of the survivors of Sauron’s army, and finally but certainly not least, the survival/living situation of the Ents.

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      • Gladden Fields
      • The Shire
      • Buckland
      • Tower Hills


      • Rohan
      • Gondor
      • Esgaroth
      • Harad
      • Eotheod


      • Rivendell
      • Northern Mirkwood
      • Lorien
      • Lindon
      • Hithlum


      • Erebor
      • The Iron Hills
      • Moria
      • Kingdom In The Great Mountains
      • Aglarond


      • The White Council