Peloponnesian War


The year is 429 BCE, shortly after the death of Pericles. Athens is now under the leadership of Cleon, and the Delian League is preparing to be more aggressive with their naval raids of the Peloponnesian coast. The Peloponnesian League already controls much of the land surrounding Athens, and they hope to eventually take the city permanently. Both sides of the war are calling their most important military and political leaders to convene and chart a path forwards towards victory. Delegates will be split into two separate committees: The Delian League and the Peloponnesian League. They will have to collaborate in order to hold these alliances together, while working creatively to undermine the opposing side.

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Peloponnesian League


      • Archidamus II (Eurypontid King)
      • Pausanias (Agiad King )
      • Cnemus (Admiral)
      • Lysander (Admiral)
      • Brasidas (General and Ephor)
      • Ainesias (Ephor)
      • Isanor (Ephor)
      • Sostratidas (Ephor)
      • Sthenelaidas (Ephor)

Other Members:

      • Macedon
      • Elis
      • Boeotia
      • Kythira
      • Melos
      • Epidaurus
      • Pylos
      • Corinth
      • Mantinea

Delian League


      • Cleon (General and Statesman)
      • Demosthenes (Statesman)
      • Alcibiades (General and Statesman)
      • Nicias (General and Statesman)
      • Thucydides (General)
      • Lamachus (General)
      • Phormio (Admiral)
      • Aristophanes (Playwright and Aristocrat)
      • Socrates (Philosopher)

Other Members:

      • Thrace
      • Chios
      • Lesbos
      • Naxos
      • Aegina
      • Samos
      • Thessaly
      • Argos
      • Byzantium