Space Wars

Space Wars

Aliens, UFOs, Meteor showers?! Set in the year 3000, Space Wars will be a committee full of the galactic unknown. In this committee you’ll have the opportunity to discuss up and coming technology, what it means to be a trillionaire, human rights, and the difficulties in maintaining your civilization light years away. Do you want to buy a planet? Colonize a comet? Prepare for a committee full of Star Trek and Star Wars references. The planet Sugolla—the most coveted land in the universe— is being fought over. The resources found on Segulla are like no other; they have blue gold, pixie dust, flying bison, and so many more things which were once believed to be fantastical. The ruler of Sugolla, Queen Allogus, strives to protect the resources she has held for so long. She puts up a great fight, but will it be enough to fend off all of her power-hungry neighbors? There’s a universal war going on, inflation is crazy, we just got out of a pandemic. How are you going to make a utopic space resolution?

Chairs: Soleil P. and Juno W.

Position List

New Aera

Queen Aeria Aeran

Sarano Aeran

Reik Organa

Dakota Lier

Skorton Hotten

Zander Wilson

Lara Fields

Sabian Landing

President Onyx Grano

Lorain Arena

Sanse Secura

Mea Akhtar

Medella Finley

Lia Provo

Edlin Garganey


Dictator Allarius Aquin

Marc Revan

Franco Palpatine

Terra Astrum

Aecor Park

Rowan Xenon

Quinlee Jason

Chair Contact Info

Soleil P and Juno W