The Demise of the US Constitution

The Demise of the US Constitution

Following the 2016 federal elections, the United States Senate amended the Constitution’s Article V and added a clause that says a constitutional convention can be called by a “majority of the American people.” In a controversial upset, a nationwide ballot initiative on the 2018 midterms passed and a constitutional convention was called. After a lengthy Supreme Court challenge, the results were deemed legal and the convention was set to start in January 2020. Our committee, The Demise of the US Constitution, begins on the first day of the 2020 Constitutional Convention! Crises will be loosely based around historical events, such as the US Capitol attack on January 6th, 2021, but adapted to better suit delegate initiatives. To confront these crises, we expect thrilling debate and creative resolutions.

Chairs: Daphne S., Becca D., and Nikita M.

Crisis: Luca Z. and Mirabelle P.

Position List


Mitch McConnell

Ted Cruz

Lindsey Graham

Susan Collins

Lisa Murkowski

Mitt Romney

Roy Blunt

Chuck Grassley

Tom Cotton

Rick Scott

John Thune


Amy Klobuchar

Joe Manchin

Elizabeth Warren

Kamala Harris

Chuck Schumer

Dianne Feinstein

Cory Booker

Tammy Duckworth

Dick Durbin

Chris Coons

Maria Cantwell


Bernie Sanders

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