Position Papers

Position Papers should consist of:

-A paragraph summarizing your position and view on the topic at hand.

-Bullet points/a list of key points of your research. 

-This can be relatively informal. 

-  A bibliography! We need your sources. 

- Max one page of content (excluding citations).

Some things to consider when writing your paper:

-What do you hope to accomplish during the committee? 

-Who are your allies? Who are your enemies?

-What is your position’s view of the situation in general? Has it changed in the past? Is your country deeply divided on this issue?

-If you anticipate your country to be criticized during the committee for previous actions, what are some responses you could give?

-Does your country have a unique perspective on the issue? What makes your position relevant and interesting? 

Position Papers will be due before the conference begins and must be submitted directly to chairs and crisis staff via the email addresses provided in the background guide.