Welcome to SAMUN VI 2019!

Dear SAMUN delegates and advisors, We are looking forward to hosting our sixth SAMUN this spring! The conference will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Our staff of high schoolers is hard at work on their committees, and we are all excited to bring them to life and challenge delegates to find solutions to the diverse array of issues that will come up.

Throughout the conference, our staffers will present students with dozens of crises that will force them to work with each other, think on their feet, and engage in debate with their peers. Delegates will learn how international cooperation can be extremely effective in solving problems, and how it can sometimes create issues just as pressing. We hope that this year’s conference will be nerve-wracking, exciting, educational, and most importantly, fun!

Last year, we experimented with our conference format, deciding not to give out gavels or awards. We were impressed by the compelling debate all the attendees engaged in even without the promise of an award. We saw that the less competitive atmosphere led to a fruitful and fulfilling conference. However, we understand that awards can add some spice to the experience, and winning one can be very rewarding for those delegates who earn them. This year, we will be reinstituting awards at SAMUN. We believe that delegates will continue to approach the conference with the same zeal and intellectual spirit that they have always shown. We look forward to hosting this year's conference!

Best wishes,

The 2019 SAMUN Secretariat