The Rise of Technocracy

The Rise of Technocracy

This committee takes place in the year 2080 in the fictional Night City. The city has been cut up between 3 megacorporations: Leandri Mining, Axon Research, and Izanagi Chartered. Each delegate will be a high-ranking member of one of the three corporations. Each company is constantly trying to grasp more influence and gain a position of primacy within the city. They each develop raw materials into unique blueprints for the items they produce and guard their trade secrets with overwhelming force. In this committee, delegates will have to respond to various crises relating to the state of the city as well as within and between each company. We expect each individual to vie for power and supremacy within the city and their own company, while defending their company’s interests and trying to gain information about their rivals.

Chairs: Naya M. and Cole C.

Position List

Leandri Mining

Sarah Beischel, Director of Mining and Refinery

Charles Owsinski, Director of Intelligence

Meghan Usoro, Director of Security

Michael Tuffin, Director of Outreach

Laura Snearl, Director of Personnel

Axon Research

Mark Madris, Chief Research Officer

Mary Hulls, Chief Security Officer

Olivier Kentala, Chief Intelligence Officer

Jake Dallarosa, Chief Public Relations Officer

Twyla Crespo, Chief of Personnel

Izanagi Chartered

Augustin Fink, Head of Development and Resources

Donovan Mickelberg, Head of Security

Melanie Scott, Head of Research

Afiya Williams, Head of Intelligence

Jonah Murphy, Head of Personnel


Luis Sanchez, Head of Community

Mia Rivera, Head of Security

James Hill, Head of Intelligence

7th Night

Erik Prince, Chief of Security

Richard Pere, Chief of Intelligence

Paul Brenner, Director of Logistics